Our challenge

Twenty years after the launch of the first text-based risk databases, Facepoint delivers breakthrough innovation by taking advantage of enhancements in biometrics and AI. Facepoint harnesses the combination of  two powerful tools: an exclusive photographic database of high-risk individuals as defined by international regulatory standards, and state-of-the-art biometrical technology. After two years of research and development, compelling pilot results from Top Tier Banks have enabled Facepoint to launch its concept of  “No Name Screening”. Screenings can now be done using images, leaving behind the chronic problems of alphanumeric screening: disambiguation of common names, missing secondary identifiers, false identities, and high volumes of false positives.
Today, Facepoint offers the compliance community solutions of the future.

What we offer

In the context of KYC screening processes, Facepoint maintain a worldwide image database of "people of interest", and offers a real-time risk mitigation solution thanks to cutting-edge image analysis. The breakthrough solution developed by Facepoint consists of replacing text with image, in order to disambiguate traditional text-based identification and massively reduce false positive rates."

Risk mitigation

Content collected by Facepoint's analysts allows for  near real-time identification of emerging threats which remain beyond the scope of traditional watchlists

Customer journey acceleration

A quicker identification process of high-risk individuals accelerates and enhances customer onboarding.

Massive reduction of false positives

Facial images are highly specific. Coupled with facial recognition technology, they drastically reduce false alarm rates and laborious and costly manual verification.


FACEPOINT was created in Paris in 2017 and is managed by four seasoned Compliance & Data professionals, and employs 70 KYC experts.

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