Our challenge

FACEPOINT was originally created in response to the overwhelming tasks at hand for regulated entities to counteract the risk of money laundering, terrorism financing, corruption, and other financial crimes. FACEPOINT offers an alternative to name screening that consists of pictures intelligence. 

FACEPOINT’s proposition quickly developed in other vertical markets as it became clear that its picture intelligence and risk screening model were of interest to government institutions and the law enforcement community for the early identification of emerging threats, and optimum operational efficiency in crime prevention and investigation.

What we offer

FACEPOINT’s content covers clearly defined research areas in accordance with international regulatory standards, they are:
- Sanctions and official law and regulatory enforcement lists
- Terrorism and political violence
- Organized crime
- Financial crime
- Politically exposed persons (PEPs)

All the content is exclusively sourced from open-source intelligence (OSINT) following very strict inclusion rules and a rigorous vetting process.

FACEPOINT‘s proprietary database incorporates vast amounts of intelligence data and images, all of which are sorted, de-duplicated, qualified and tagged to transform them into usable and actionable intelligence data.  FACEPOINT’s service supersedes conventional alphanumeric matching offering greater precision and speed in the identification of persons of interest such as sanctioned individuals, criminals, terrorists, or politically exposed persons.

FACEPOINT proposes different types of delivery models for its No Name Screening service:
- a web interface and a cloud-based API
- a one-off screening service for quick and efficient in-situ screening projects
- and a datafile for on-premises integration to meet the highest safety standards

FACEPOINT Picture Intelligence is a carefully compiled risk intelligence database, created in line with the highest standards of data management by a team of 60 highly qualified research analysts.

Global coverage

FACEPOINT’s data covers over 240 countries providing an overview of persons of interest (POIs) beyond your immediate national focus.

Detect risks earlier

Early identification of emerging threats posed by POIs.

Reduction of false positives and consequently operational efficiency

Greater precision and speed compared to conventional alphanumeric matching for customers’ onboarding facilitation and optimum operational efficiency in crime prevention and investigation.


FACEPOINT was created in Paris in 2017 and is managed by 4 seasoned Compliance & Data professionals and employs 70 people.

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