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1) Definition:
A Cookie is a tracking tool consisting of a small file or short alphanumeric combination, automatically installed or read by a network provider or websiteon the Data Subject's terminal equipment (computer, mobile phone, tablet, videogame console), which can thus access information already stored in said terminal, or record or store information in this equipment. 

2) Purposes of the use or authorisation of Cookies and information transmitted byCookies:
The operation of the Site gives rise to the implementation of Cookies as follows, presented according to the functionalities served by each type of Cookie:
- Implementation and facilitation of electronic communication and provision ofonline communication services, exclusively: Operating cookies;
- Improvement of the navigation on the Site; organisation of the displayed contents, storage of personal data already entered by the Concerned Person,follow-up of preferences and choices expressed by the user, storage of requestsalready made: Efficiency cookies;
- Carrying out audience measurements: Audience cookies;
- Promotion of the Site and improvement of its user, friendliness, via the sharing functionalities on social networks (Linkedin), by means of the sharing buttons allowing the tracking of navigation by the sites of these social networks, whether or not the buttons and links are activated by the user of the Site: Cookies of the social networks. The Data collected by these Cookies are not processed by FACEPOINT, but by the operators of the above-mentioned socialnetworks. 

3) Consent of the Persons Concerned:
The use ofEfficiency Cookies, Advertising Cookies, Audience Cookies and Social NetworkCookies, i. e. all Cookies except Operating Cookies, requires the consent of the Concerned Person. In accordance with article 32 II of the law of 6 January 1978, the consent of the Person Concerned must result from an explicit acceptance of cookies on the substantial size banner displayed on the screen. The user of the Site is invited to choose between the pure and simple acceptance of cookies, their configuration or the refusal of Cookies. The usermay object to Cookies or withdraw his or her consent at any time: seeProhibition or Management of Cookies. 

4) Duration of the activation of Cookies:
Unless the Concerned Person exercises the right to object or withdraws his consent, consent to the deposit of Cookies is given for thirteen (13) months. At the end of this period, the consent of the Concerned Person must be obtained again toallow the use of Cookies. As a result, Cookies are only active thirteen months after their first deposit in the terminal equipment of the user who has consented to them. The duration of the Cookie's activity is not extended by new visits to the sites. 

5) Prohibition or Management of Cookies:
The userof the Site may object to the use of Cookies or certain Cookies on his terminal and has the following means at his disposal for this purpose.
Browser settings:
Enter the browser menu (Safari, Mozilla etc...), then go to the "Preferences"or "Settings" or "Tools" section; then proceed according tothe browser:
Safari:"Privacy" > "Cookies and website data": choose the desired options; to completely oppose, choose: "Always block" andcheck the box "Website tracking: Ask websites not to follow me" if itis not already checked;> Also,to manage Data and Cookies already stored on the terminal: "Manage website data": perform the desired data deletion operations by selecting thesources and categories of Data and Cookies in the table and then clicking onthe "delete" button;
MozillaFirefox: "Privacy and security" > "Cookies and site data": perform the desired operations, after consulting the "learn more" section;- to block all Cookies: tick the button "Block Cookies and site data (may prevent some sites from working)";- to manage Cookies: tick the "Accept Cookies (recommended)" button and choose from the options available (i) on storing Cookies: to limit to aminimum, choose "until Firefox closes", (ii) and on accepting Cookies from third-party sites: to limit to a minimum, choose "Never";- also, using the three buttons "Delete data", "Manage data" or"Exceptions", the user can delete all ("Delete") or part("Manage") of the Data and Cookies already stored on the device or allow certain websites only to use these Cookies ("Exceptions");
InternetExplorer: "Internet Options" > "Privacy" tab >"Advanced" button to display the "Advanced Privacy Settings" window > Check the box "Ignore automatic cookie management", then select the desired options: allow, block or be asked to determine the desired configuration for internal and third-party cookies.
Chrome:"View advanced settings" (located at the bottom of the page), thenPrivacy and Security Section then "Content settings" then"Cookies" then :- todelete all or some Cookies: "All Cookies and Site Data" > Delete All; or search for the website name and Delete- to change the default settings for Cookies: enable or disable the "Allowsites to save/read cookie data" button; check the "Block cookies and data from third party sites" box to block cookies from third party sites;to blockCookies only from a specific site: next to "Block", "Delete dataat the end of the session" or "Allow", click on "Add",then enter the web address and "Add". 

Other special solutions: In addition to the general configuration of the browser, there are control, management or personalisation solutions, depending on their purpose or the entity using the Cookies. Audience cookies. These cookies are implemented via the Google Analytics tool provided by Google. The user can disable them by installing the browser add-on available here:
Cookies of social networks, implemented via the sharing buttons accessible on the Site. Social networks generally offer the possibility to block, manage or personalize social network cookies via a module accessible to all, members or non-members of the network, as well as via the configuration of the member account. To manage Cookies, go to social network platforms:LinkedIn: ;
Cookies personalization page. The user can also go to the Site's page dedicated to the Personalization of Cookies. 

6) Consequence of a refusal or opposition:
Opposition to operating Cookies, particularly if the user objects to all Cookies, results in the communication service not being able to operate. The user will therefore not be able to navigate on the Site. Opposition to efficiency cookies does not prevent access to the Site and its functionalities, but may result in less effective or smooth navigation and less performance of the functionalities and services offered on the Site.